Migration FAQs

BRI and 121 Benefits are better together

Get answers as your accounts are migrated from the 121 Benefits platform to BRI. The following resources, videos, and tools to help you maximize your experience with BRI. Welcome to BRI!
Specific timelines affecting your account(s) are outlined in mailed communications sent to your home address.

Accessing My Account

How Do I Access My Account?

You can access your account by:

  1. Logging in to BRIWEB online.
  2. Accessing your account on the BRIMOBILE app.
  3. Call (877) 342-0825. Provide your card number and CVV to hear your account balance.

How Do I Login to BRIWEB?

Participants accessing the site for the first time will be required to register a Custom Login ID. You will receive an email prior to your migration date with the information you’ll need to register on BRIWEB including your company code, member ID, and initial password.

On the BRIWEB Login page, select the blue “Register an Account” link. Follow the instructions provided.

The following are required during registration: 

  • Company Code: Provided by your employer
  • Member ID: Typically a 9-digit ID selected by the employer (i.e. SSN, payroll ID)
  • Personal Info: First name, last name, zip code
  • Access to email or phone number on file with Benefit Resource

How Soon Can I Login To BRIWEB?

Please refer to the email communication you received regarding your exact timeline.  Once you have your BRIWEB account login information, you can set up your Direct Deposit, submit claims, and even chat live with our Participant Services team if you have any questions.

Will I Be Able to See My Account History?

Yes! You will see the current and prior year activity associated with your account through BRIWEB.

Submitting Claims

When Do I Start Submitting My Claims to BRI?

You can start submitting your claims to BRI starting the Monday after your migration date. Please refer to the email communication for the exact date.

How Do I Submit My Claims?

There are three ways to submit your claims:

Option 1: Submit online

  • Login to BRIWEB at the secure participant login.
  • Click on Submit Claims/Receipts and follow the instructions.

Option 2: Submit via BRIMOBILE App

  • Download the free BRIMOBILE app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Tap Receipt Requests from the menu bar and take a photo/upload documentation through your iPhone or Android device.

Option 3: Submit via mail

  • Visit the Forms section to find the claim form you need. You can also go to the Resource Center and filter by Forms to find claim forms. Once you have the one you need, save it, fill it out, and then send it to us at the address printed on the document.

View our step-by-step walkthrough on how to submit claims! Just select the option you want, Mobile or Desktop, and follow the instructions! Click here for the walkthrough.

How Often Will My Claims Be Processed?

Your claims will be processed within 3 to 5 days after they are received at our processing center.

When Are Claims Deadlines?

The last day to submit a claim to the 121 Benefits consumer portal is 10 days prior to your migration date. Please refer to the letter you received regarding your exact claims deadlines.

Direct Deposit

Do I Need to Re-enter My Direct Deposit Information?

Yes! Your direct deposit information will not carry over and will have to be re-entered. You will need your Bank Routing Number and Account Number. For a checking account, you will find these numbers at the bottom of your personal check. For a savings account, contact your bank to get their Bank Routing Number and your Savings Account Number.

Debit Card

How Do I Activate My Beniversal Card?

The fastest way to activate your card is to call the activation number on the card. This option is free and takes under one minute to complete. You can also activate your Beniversal Card online when you log in to your BRIWEB account with your Login ID and password. If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to complete the Register an Account process. Once logged in, navigate to the Profile section by expanding the menu under your name.

When Will I receive My Beniversal Card, and When Can I Start Using It?

Your existing card(s) will be deactivated ten days prior to your migration date and your new Beniversal Prepaid Mastercard will arrive prior to your migration date.  You may begin using your new card the following Monday.  For exact dates, please refer to the email you received.

How Do I Add My Beniversal Debit Card to My Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet is a third-party including Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay that allows you to add debit and credit cards as payment methods that are accessed via your phone. To add your Beniversal Card to a digital wallet, you must first have the digital wallet installed. Once you have installed the digital wallet, you can follow the instructions below to add your Beniversal Card as a payment method.

Please note: In order to complete registration, the mobile phone number associated with your digital wallet must be on file with BRI.

Transferring HSAs

Is My Account Number Changing?

Yes. Your account number and routing number will be changing. If you have any automatic payments established with your routing number and account number, please be sure to update them with the new UMB information.

Will My Designation of Beneficiary Need to be Updated?

Yes. Please complete the Designation of Beneficiary Form through UMB Bank.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Approve The Transfer of Funds to UMB Bank?

HSAs are individually-owned and require your approval to move the funds. In order to be included in the bulk transfer associated with your employer-sponsored account, you must complete the HSA Transfer Authorization Request by August 30, 2021. If you do not complete the HSA Transfer Authorization Request by August 30, 2021, your account will be converted from an employer-sponsored plan to an individual HSA.  As an individual HSA, you will be responsible for all fees associated with the account.

What Will Happen to Investments Upon Transfer?

If you authorize the transfer of funds to UMB Bank, your investments will be liquidated prior to September 20, 2021 and transferred to UMB Bank in cash. If you prefer to manage the liquidation from investments, please plan to complete your trades by September 2, 2021. Funds are expected to transfer and post to UMB Bank between Sept. 20-22. Once funds have posted, you will have the opportunity to invest through the UMB HSA Saver platform.

Will Funds Automatically Invest through UMB Bank?

If you are interested in investing HSA funds, you will need to establish an investment account with UMB Bank and make your initial investment selections. Once established, you have the option to setting up auto-investment strategies.

Transferring HRA VEBAs

Is My Account with BPAS Changing?

No. Your account number and all related investments through BPAS will not be changing. Your existing account will be repointed from 121 Benefits to BRI during the migration.

Do I need to Take Any Action to Ensure My Account is Moved from 121 Benefits to BRI?

No. Your account will automatically be migrated from 121 Benefits to BRI. You will receive a new card and login credentials for accessing your account. It is recommended that you: (1) activate your new card  (referred to as the Beniversal Card) upon receipt and (2) login to BRIWEB on October 20 or later to verify your account and confirm you have access through BPAS.

What Will Happen to Investments Upon Transfer?

There will be no changes to your investments at BPAS as a result of the migration. All investment allocations and elections will continue unless you make a change.

How Will I Access My HRA VEBA Balance?

Your HRA VEBA will be accessible by logging into BRIWEB on October 20, 2021 and after. Once logged in, navigate to the FSA/HRA tab. From the FSA/HRA tab, you will see a brief summary of your HRA VEBA balance, recent activity and claim status activity. To view investment details or managing changes, navigate to the “I want to” menu in the upper right and select “Manage my VEBA”.  Please note: You will have access to your HRA VEBA through the 121 Benefits login until October 11, 2021. Between October 11 and October 20, you will not have online access to your account. This will not investment activity on the account.

How Will I Access my HRA VEBA Funds?

Upon completion of the migration from 121 Benefits to BRI, you will have access to your funds through the Beniversal Card or by submitting a claim. When using the Beniversal Card, you will be limited to 90% of your balance to account for market fluctuations in investments. This is the same experience you would have had through 121 Benefits. Claims can be submitted online through BRIWEB, through the BRIMOBILE app or by completing and mailing a claim form.



Contact Information

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