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Clients Share Their Best Virtual Open Enrollment Tips

best engagement for remote employees benefits virtual 2020

We decided to change up our approach for this blog and feature insights from clients on their best engagement tips for a successful remote Open Enrollment experience.

Clients had the chance to share their tips during our Open Enrollment Kick Off Webinar. There were a LOT of good answers. We’ve selected ten to share below, broken out by the categories discussed in the webinar.

Clients’ 10 Best Engagement Tips 

Leverage multi-channel communication
  • Use multiple channels to communicate information and make it engaging with colorful materials and creative presentations that pull employees in -Janice M.
  • Use several different communication options to appeal to as many colleagues as possible and communication will continue throughout enrollment -Allison B.
Communicate, communicate, and communicate some more
  • Communicate in many ways: email, pay stub flyer, faxes, GoToMeetings etc. -Michele D.
  • Track engagement through some type of metric, i.e. e-mail opened by employee, views on a page. -Christine Q.
Leverage virtual presentations
  • Have a virtual benefit fair with a scavenger hunt with Q&As and prizes provided by our vendor partners. -Linda H.
Make it personal
  • Have info available on company dashboard, email, and have a video conference to ensure people feel free to connect and ask questions. -Maeln L.
  • Hold group sessions by shift and Q&A forums for all employees via live web. -Terri J.
Consider offering “incentives” for participation
  • Make it a contest where getting employees to get a prize if they register before deadline. -Marsha T.
Centralize benefit resources
  • Hold multiple information sessions where staff can learn; follow up with emails; post things on our HRIS and shared drive; and put deadlines for open enrollment on employees’ calendars! -Michelle D.
  • Use intranet pages where employees can input basic salary/coverage information and see their contribution amounts in live time. -Lizzie M.
One final engagement tip from the team at BRI…

Provide a holistic view of benefits. This can be hard to do without the right software and access to a lot of very specific (and personal) data. What’s more, third party solutions can be out of reach for small or medium sized employers.

That’s why we’re offering clients the chance to give their employees a personalized benefits assessment through BRI Insights. A decision support tool, BRI Insights, allows employees to compare alternative benefit plan options and get recommendations on contributions. The recommendations are based on the employee’s unique demographics including dependents, pre-planned medical events, income, and tax bracket.

Get more out of Open Enrollment this year: Schedule a demo of BRI Insights today.