6 Reasons HRAs with BRI are GREAT

how HRAs with BRI can save you money

As out-of-pocket expenses rise for employees, an HRA provides a great opportunity for employers to cushion the increase. That’s why we encourage employers to set up their HRAs with BRI. It’s the perfect blend of cost containment and employees benefits.

What can you expect from an HRA?

An HRA, or Health Reimbursement Account, is a tax free account. It is provided through your employer to help you pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses that aren’t covered by your health plan. The specifics of an HRA will vary based on what your employer has set up.

From the BRI Team
Kendrick’s Top HRA Tips:

  1. HRAs are complex and flexible in design. Having BRI administer your HRA plan leverages BRI’s many years of experience to help achieve your overall benefits goals.
  2. Single card technology allows your HRA to be offered along with FSA and HSA programs on one card.
  3. Employers who choose post-deductible HRAs with BRI lower employee risk exposure and lessen the impact on employees when the deductible is raised.

Did you know? A post-deductible HRA can also be offered in conjunction with a HDHP and HSA

Less than 50% of people understand that employers or plan sponsors set the rules for HRAs. Additionally, 36% of employees with an HRA (and 48% of the general population) incorrectly believe they can make deposits into an HRA.

Less than 50% of people understand that employers set the rules for HRAs

Jean’s Top HRA Tips:

  1. HRAs linked to qualified medical plans can reimburse all section 213(d) expenses tax free or be narrowed to specific things like deductible only, pharmacy, dental or vision.
  2. HRAs are a great way to reimburse retirees for qualifying healthcare expenses.
  3. BRI’s proprietary card system may reduce the amount of receipt requests your HRA participants receive.

Heads Up: An HRA is not an account. Employees are not allowed to withdraw funds in advance and then use them to pay medical expenses. Instead, they must incur the expense first, then have it reimbursed. Reimbursement at the time of service is possible if the employer provides an HRA debit card.

Get the skinny on HRAs with BRI:

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