HR’s Toolkit to Making it Through Open Enrollment

Making it Through Open Enrollment

As an HR professional, the term “Open Enrollment” might stir up a mix of emotions. On one hand, it’s a time for employees to make important decisions about their benefits. On the other, it often means long hours, tight deadlines, and the potential for burnout. But fear not, we’ve compiled an OE toolkit to help […]

Register for Our Upcoming Webinar: How to Maximize Open Enrollment with BRI

Maximize Open Enrollment with BRI

It’s that time of year again for many benefits professionals. Whether you are new to BRI or just looking for the latest updates, we have you covered this open enrollment season! Join us for our upcoming webinar on October 4th at 2pm ET. Are you looking for ways to make the most of your company’s […]

Register for Our Upcoming Webinar: Hot Trends in Benefits for this Open Enrollment Season

Open Enrollment Trends

Get ready to supercharge your open enrollment season with our upcoming webinar, “Hot Trends in Benefits for this Open Enrollment Season.” In today’s ever-evolving workplace landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and we’re here to guide you through the latest trends and innovations in employee benefits. Whether you’re an HR professional, a benefits […]

Preparing for The Upcoming Enrollment Season

Upcoming Enrollment Season

Over the last few years, changes in healthcare industry policies and consumer preferences have resulted in significant shifts in plan design and employee benefit preferences. Employers who understand these changes will be better equipped to create benefit plans that align with their employee’s needs and attract the best talent. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take […]

Say this, not that: Taboo words in your benefits communication

benefits communication

We wrote a piece on benefits communication a while ago, focused on clearing up 9 confusing benefits terms. Benefits are a tricky topic. That includes pre-tax benefits. This makes proper benefits communication crucial. So, knowing that benefits communication is complicated (even if it’s not intentional), this blog will equip you to reframe confusing Open Enrollment […]

The True Value of Employee Benefits

Value of Employee Benefits

As the business landscape evolves, companies often face the challenge of managing costs while maintaining a productive and satisfied workforce. According to Care for Business research, over 40% of HR leaders plan to recalibrate or trim their benefits offerings in the coming year. While the immediate cost-saving benefits may seem tempting, slashing employee benefits can […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Prepare For Open Enrollment

Prepare For Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is a critical period for both employers and employees. It’s the time when employees have the opportunity to review and select their benefits for the upcoming year. As an employer, taking proactive steps to prepare for this period is essential for ensuring a smooth and successful Open Enrollment process. Start Planning Early One […]

More than FSAs: Get Employees Ready for Open Enrollment

more than FSAs

Open enrollment can be a daunting time for employees, especially if they’re not familiar with all of the benefits their company offers. Many employers offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) as a way to help employees cover out-of-pocket medical expenses. FSAs are a great way to save money on things like co-pays and prescriptions, but they’re […]

The Importance of a Year-Round Benefits Communication Strategy

Benefits Communication Strategy

The benefits landscape is ever-changing, and so are the needs and expectations of your employees. An effective benefits communication strategy should be agile enough to keep up with the times and address the specific concerns of your employees. Providing your employees with a comprehensive benefits package is important. Not only does it help attract and […]

Your Year-end Pre-tax Benefits Playbook

Benefits Playbook

Get ready for the season—Open Enrollment Season that is! Whether you’re starting open enrollment early or not until closer to the end of the year, this is for you. Just remember, Benefit Resource is on your team.  We understand it is a stressful time and are ready to make your year-end pre-tax benefits goals a reality. […]

7 Common Open Enrollment Mistakes

enrolling in benefits

Enrolling in benefits is far from a pleasant task. For employees, it can often feel like there is too little time and too many choices. For employers, it can feel like they have to wrangle cats. If Open Enrollment has felt too overwhelming, perhaps you’re doing it the hard way. Find out what you can […]

Announcing BRI’s New Import Wizard

Import Wizard

As a result of client feedback, and our efforts toward continuous improvement, BRI has added a File Import Wizard on BRIWEB. This wizard will streamline the file-uploading process, facilitate faster funding, and eliminate data integrity risks resulting from manual file handling. It will be made available to all clients who use the Secure File Upload […]

BRI’s New Client Implementation Solution 

client implementation solution

Benefit Resource (BRI) has launched a new client implementation solution designed to simplify the process of collecting and managing forms, documents, eSignatures, and any key information in a single, secure place. NEW features and benefits include: Easy to use solution that’s compliant with our data privacy policies Provides visibility and transparency into the client implementation process for […]

Register for Our Upcoming Webinar: Open Enrollment Readiness Part 4: Planning and Executing on Your Employee Communication Strategy

Open Enrollment Readiness

Join Benefit Resource (BRI) for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, September 14th at 1:00 PM EDT. In this half-hour series, we will break down Open Enrollment into manageable steps (and hopefully take a few of the surprises away). Register for Part 4: Planning and Executing on Your Employee Communication Strategy. In this session we’ll cover: Defining your message: […]

Your Cheat Sheet for Open Enrollment

Cheat Sheet for Open Enrollment

There are a lot of different benefits plans out there, and choosing the right one can sometimes feel like gambling. But with BRI’s help, you’ll be able to make the choice that works best for you. BRI’s VP of Strategy, Becky Seefeldt, put together a cheat sheet for Open Enrollment with Employee Benefit News. This […]

Creating a Positive Work Environment to Ask Questions

create a positive work environment

There is plenty of information on the web about what employees should ask employers regarding benefits. But there are surprisingly few resources that address steps employers can take to create a positive work environment- specifically one where it’s safe to ask questions about benefit plans. John Maxwell, leadership mentor and speaker, said “People may hear […]

Register for Our Webinar Series: Open Enrollment Readiness

Open Enrollment Readiness

Join Benefit Resource (BRI) for our upcoming webinar series beginning Wednesday, August 24th at 1:00 PM EDT. In this half-hour series, we will break down Open Enrollment into manageable steps (and hopefully take a few of the surprises away). Register for our first session, Part 1: Understanding Plan Trends and Participant Behaviors. In this session we’ll cover: What […]

Take an Ongoing Approach to Open Enrollment and Benefits Communications

Ongoing Approach to Open Enrollment

Companies need an ongoing approach to make the most out of Open Enrollment. With the hyper-personalization of benefits, employees expect companies to provide benefits to meet their specific needs. By prioritizing benefits communications throughout the year, companies can ensure that their employees are always aware of the resources available to them. BRI’s VP of Strategy, […]

Anatomy of a Successful Open Enrollment Presentation

Open Enrollment Presentation

Open Enrollment is critical to reviewing and updating your employee benefits packages. The right benefits can attract and retain top talent, while the wrong benefits can result in high turnover rates and low morale. As such, it’s essential to consider your Open Enrollment presentation carefully. Whether you’re presenting to virtual or in-person attendees, there are […]

Employee Benefits Communication Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

Benefits Communication Mistakes

When it comes to employee benefits, communication is key. However, many employers still make common communication mistakes that can have a negative impact on how their employees view their benefits. Here are some of the most common mistakes employers make regarding employee benefits and how to avoid them: Communication mistake: Providing too much information at […]

2022 Contribution Limits Announced For FSA and Commuter

2022 Contribution Limits

The IRS released the 2022 contribution limits for Mass Transit, Parking, Medical FSA, and Adoption Assistance in Revenue Procedure 2021-45. The limits are effective for plan years that begin on or after January 1, 2022. 2022 CONTRIBUTION LIMIT: MASS TRANSIT AND PARKING Maximum Election: $280 / month (up from $270 / month in 2021) 2022 […]


COBRA Open Enrollment

While open enrollment is winding down for many, COBRA’s might be just around the corner. Will you be caught off guard? Benefit Resource (BRI) has a comprehensive guide to help you gear up for your enrollment period. WHAT IS COBRA OPEN ENROLLMENT? COBRA is very similar to the typical open enrollment period. Qualified beneficiaries are […]