12 Months to Better Benefit Satisfaction

Better Benefit Satisfaction for Employees

Our 2018 resolution is to partner with you to provide insights and advice on how you can increase benefit satisfaction for your employees. We are introducing a monthly series in which we focus on a topic or area you can use to improve the benefit satisfaction of employees. We’ve provided a sneak-peek below of the planned topics. To stay on top of new releases, subscribe to the blog using the toolbar on the right!

January: Guiding new enrollees

If your employees finished Open Enrollment a few months ago, they’re still acquainting themselves with their new savings. You can introduce the world of pretax benefits to them with our new blog Tips and Resources for Every New Plan Participant.

February: Submitting claims

Look for a post about guiding employees through the claim submission process. The newly redesigned BRiWeb participant portal will be the first step on the road to simplified claim submission and checking the status of claims. Also check back for a “terms to know” blog geared toward participants that will cover basics like HDHP, premium, deductible, and others.

March: Substantiation and receipt requests

Have you have ever wondered why administrators ask for receipts? We will cover what substantiation is and why it is required. Additionally, we will provide best practices to avoid being asked for receipts in the first place.

April: Helping employees manage OOP costs

Watch for a blog about how to help employees manage out of pocket costs with tips like “Check what’s eligible” and “Familiarize yourself with your HSA.”

May: Qualifying life events

From getting married to changing jobs, employees may not be aware of how their benefits will be impacted and what next steps to take. May will feature an article on helping employees navigate benefit changes after qualifying life events have occurred.

June: Life hacks for better benefit satisfaction

Your employees may have settled into a routine with their benefits- we’ll share some life hacks you can give them to shake things up and extend the value of their benefits.

July: Misplaced card protection

If employees misplace or lose their benefits card, it’s critical they know how to respond to protect themselves. We’ll have a post outlining best practices for identity theft protection.

August: Answering miscellaneous questions

We’re here to be a resource and a catch-all for the miscellaneous questions your employees might have. Expect a piece about which direction to point participants so they can tackle their benefits questions.

September: Determining what’s eligible

“How do I know what’s eligible?” is a recurring participant question. In September, we’ll revisit what you can do to help employees find out what’s eligible.

October: Planning eligible expenses

Whether open enrollment is around the corner or you have months to go, it is important for participants to plan their eligible expenses. Look for a post about how you can get an early start on helping employees determine costs (and savings).

November: Balance during the holidays

“Everything in moderation” right? Whoever said that must not have undergone the grueling experience of balancing health and holiday meals. We’ll prepare a post about achieving your health goals while enjoying your holidays. #winwin

December: Makin’ a list…

December is a season for family and lights but also a season of stress and not having enough time. Save time by reviewing our list of benefits that can be forgotten or overlooked. We checked it twice to make sure everything you need gets onto your list.

Excited Yet?

We are! This was just a teaser. Check back in the coming months for articles and tips that will help you achieve better benefit satisfaction in 2018.