Tips and Resources for Every New Plan Participant

new plan participant

After much consideration, you’ve made the wise decision to enroll in a pre-tax benefit plan. As a new plan participant, you will experience significant savings on eligible items and services in the coming months!

To help you make the most of your account(s), here are some helpful reminders, tips and valuable resources.

How do I access the funds in my account?

Depending on the setup of your pre-tax account, there may be a few ways to access funds.

  • Benefits Card: If you have a debit card associated with your account, you can swipe it at the point of sale for instant access to funds for eligible items or services. Likewise, if you are paying an invoice, you can enter the card number to utilize funds directly from your account.
  • Claim submission: You can submit a claim for reimbursement if you have paid out-of-pocket for an eligible expense. Additionally, if you do not have a debit card associated with your account, funds can be accessed by submitting a claim. Claims are processed daily and can be submitted any of the following ways: (1) BRIWEB participant site, (2) BRIMOBILE app, or (3) mailing the appropriate claim form. Reimbursements are processed via check or direct deposit.
How do I know how much money is in my account?

This is the golden question that every new plan participant asks. You don’t want to be surprised by your available balance when you attempt to use your Card or need to submit a claim.

Use the following tools to make it easy to stay up-to-date on the balance in your accounts or view our infographic.

  • BRIMOBILE App: Available for iOS and Android devices, BRIMOBILE allows you to check your balance and manage your accounts on-the-go!
  • BRIALERTS: Opt-in to real-time account based notifications and never wonder what your current balance is!
  • BRIWEB: The secure participant portal provides instant and complete access to your account.
  • QUICKBALANCE: Gives you 24/7 access to your online account. Call (800) 473-9595. Select the option from the prompts to hear your card balance. Provide your card number and CVV. That’s it! The automated system will read you your account balance.
What expenses and merchants are eligible?

When using your pre-tax health accounts (Medical FSA, HRA or HSA), it is important to understand what expenses are eligible and how different merchants will process your transactions.

*Please review your Plan Highlights to confirm what expenses or expense types are permitted under your plan.

I Have Two FSAs, What’s the Difference?

Medical Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Dependent Care FSAs are both governed by IRS Section 125. However, there are distinctions when it comes to account funding. A Medical FSA provides Uniform Coverage by allowing access to the full plan year election amount on the first day of the plan year. Therefore, you are not restricted if you have a large expense early in the plan year. Conversely, the Dependent Care FSA is a cash balance account. As such, funds must accumulate in order for claims to be reimbursed.

Make the most of your pre-tax benefit accounts!

Benefit Resource has assembled a number of online resources to help you utilize your pre-tax accounts to the fullest.

  • Resource Center: You will find a variety of resources that will put you in control of your health and well-being and help you achieve the greatest possible savings.
  • Commuter Benefit Resource CenterWe have put together a collection of regional resources to make it easier for you to navigate your local transit system and maximize the use of your pre-tax commuter funds.
Additional questions?

Now that you are armed with these helpful tips and resources, you are better equipped to put your pre-tax dollars to work! As you embark on the new year, we are here to help you successfully utilize your plans. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to find the answers you need or reach out for assistance.

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