If pre-tax health accounts were types of ice cream

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Given that the final days of summer are coming to a close, we thought it fitting to treat our readers to a more flavorful post. Below, we explore some surprising (yet tasteful) similarities between types of ice cream and pre-tax accounts.

Your company: The ice cream parlor

For starters, the ice cream parlor you’re ordering from matters. While most ice cream parlors offer basic options, some of them offer additional treats besides ice cream.

Here’s a look what you might find at various ice cream parlors you visit.

Flexible Spending Account: Classic vanilla

Vanilla ice cream is widely available and a popular flavor. It is generally easy to obtain and is fairly well-liked.

In most cases, it’s a safe choice to opt for vanilla and you know what you’re signing up for. While it may not be terribly exciting, it is one of the oldest and most preferred flavors out there.

Now, there can be a degree of frustration if you ask for sprinkles and for some reason, your sprinkles request gets denied. You may even have to ask for sprinkles a few times before you get them, so here is an article on the right way to ask for sprinkles.

You may also enjoy this visual guide on how to get sprinkles the first time you ask.

Health Savings Account: Gelato

While gelato seems fancy at first and it is not offered as commonly as vanilla, it is growing in popularity with more ice cream shops making it available. Overall, people who choose gelato* have the same dining experience as people who choose vanilla ice cream.

One of the main attractions of gelato is that it is a very versatile dish. It can be eaten right away or stowed in the freezer for later use. This is one quality it does not share with vanilla ice cream, which must be consumed within a relatively short window after ordering.

Finally, folks who order gelato avoid the risk of having to throw away a perfectly good dessert, which can sometimes end up being the case with vanilla.

Limited FSA: Reduced sugar vanilla

Reduced sugar vanilla carries many of the same notes as classic vanilla but has a slightly less robust flavor.

However, many people choose to order reduced sugar vanilla with gelato*. This is a wonderful pairing and the flavors truly round each other out.

Health Reimbursement Account: Sundae

People may go to a shop that offers sundaes. Which ingredients are included in the sundae vary from shop to shop. This occasionally leads to confusion, as people expect all shops to use the same ingredients in their sundaes. However, every parlor offers different sundaes.

Most consumers who order this treat appreciate the wide variety of ingredients that ice cream shops use in their sundaes.

Exploring other flavors

In certain cases, you might not be able to have ice cream, or you might want ice cream and something else. Here are additional options to be aware of.

COBRA: Ice cream substitutes 

If you ever find yourself unable to order from an ice cream parlor, you may want to consider purchasing an ice cream substitute. While not mandatory, there can be fees involved for not ordering ice cream substitutes, even if it’s just the bare minimum.

Ice cream substitutes are more expensive than regular ice cream. It can also be hard to understand exactly what all the ingredients are or who you have to talk to complete your order. Sometimes, the ice cream parlor you used to go to can help you, but you might also have to talk to a third party about how to get an ice cream substitute.

Most people only use ice cream substitutes when it’s absolutely necessary. Once they find an ice cream parlor where they can order, they often return to one of the previously mentioned choices.

Specialty Account: Fro-yo

Looking for something that tastes good but isn’t ice cream? This last option may draw you to the ice cream social event of the year, even if it’s the typical treat you’re used to ordering.

Fro-yo is a special, relatively newer dessert option and may not be offered by all parlors. However, locations that do offer fro-yo support a wide variety of flavors and choices for consumers to choose from.

You can order fro-yo as a stand-alone dish or you can get fro-yo and ice cream. This treat often serves to round out the experience of ordering dessert.

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*Gelato may not be available for purchase by all consumers. To see if you are eligible to order this treat, click here