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5 Pre-Tax Tools to Keep Your Stress Levels Low

Keep your stress levels low

Since April is Stress Awareness Month, we’ve highlighted five pre-tax benefit services and resources to keep your stress levels low and your health levels high.

ID Theft Services

When your card goes missing or your identity is compromised, your initial reaction might be panic. But you can keep your funds, ID and mental health safe by signing up for ID Theft Services. It’s free and secures your peace of mind. Find out more about our monitor, replace, repair approach. BONUS: ID Theft Services are comprehensive and can cover your bank accounts, medical IDs, social security numbers and even email addresses.

5-Day Claim Processing

Fast claim turnaround keeps your stress levels low because your money goes back in your pocket sooner. With a 5-day guarantee for claim processing, you don’t have to lose sleep over when your claim will finish being processed. The secure BRiWeb allows you to quickly see when your claim has been processed and where it stands.

Need to submit a claim? Review our walk through. You can also read our recent two-part blog series on substantiation and minimizing receipt requests.

If you still have a question on claims, visit our FAQs page.

Price Transparency

Unearthing the price of health-related items is often more difficult (and frustrating) than it should be. But with price transparency tools like GoodRx and Healthcare Bluebook, you can find the product you need at a price that’s clear at the start.

keep your stress levels low with healthcare-bluebook- price transperancy partnerkeep your stress levels low GoodRx price transperancy partner


If you have a pre-tax benefit account like a Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, or Commuter Benefit Account, you’re already ahead of the game. Each dollar going into a pre-tax benefit account saves you 30 to 40 cents per dollar.

On top of that, your pre-tax funds are designated for health-related or commuter-related purposes. If you have a health-related account, look into a self-care day to keep your stress levels low. You may need a letter of medical necessity from your doctor for certain items (like a massage), but it’ll be worth it. If you have a commuter account, learn how to make your commute more relaxing here.

Real-Time Balance Alerts

With BRiAlerts on your mobile device, you get balance updates in real-time. Every card swipe triggers a text telling you:

keep your stress levels low with BRiAlerts

  • day and time of transaction
  • amount of transaction
  • new account balance

Always know what you spent and how much money is in your account.

Sign up for free* BRiAlerts today.

Comment with your favorite methods to keep your stress levels low!

*There is no fee for this service from Benefit Resource. However, standard text rates may apply. Please consult your mobile carrier for any charges.