Why how BRI defines “partner” matters to clients

handshaking through computer and phone new partner concept

How you define a term provides clarity on what you expect it to deliver. That’s why we want to explain how we define the term “partner”.

At BRI, we use the term partner include the relationships we foster that allow us to reinvent ourselves and round out of offerings so we can always provide you the best service. These expand into three main categories: technology and finance partners, advocacy groups, and integration partners.

Here’s how each one builds into us so we can give you the best experience as a client.

Partners in Technology and Finance

For years, Benefit Resource has built up an expansive list of technology and finance partnerships. These partnerships under gird our services with ease of use and greater options for clients and participants. Together, we are able to offer a more robust solution that is also more affordable, delivering revenue-generating opportunities.

In addition, enable us to negotiate strong protections and resources for our clients. You may recognize some of the names: Mastercard, FSA Store, SpotHero, GoHealth. Visit our Partnership page to see the full list.

Partner Highlight: Mastercard

With ID theft and security breaches looming as an ever-present threat, how can you trust third parties you work with to achieve security?

You can trust us because we’re backed by one of the most secure names in the industry: Mastercard. Through Mastercard, BRI has been able to offer a benefits card that provides more than just a great experience at checkout. Regardless of where your participant is paying, we also provide a solution that is secure, convenient and widely accepted.

Learn more about Mastercard’s free identity theft program.

Advocacy groups

Our memberships with advocacy groups at local, state and national levels positions us to offer a two-pronged solution, balancing technical needs like compliance with relational needs, like offering industry expertise that is timely and relevant. With one proverbial ear to the ground thanks to our connections, we are always on top of the latest industry news, so we’re among the first to respond to changing business needs and regulations.

Finally, advocacy groups allow us to advocate for changes that benefit our clients and their participants.

The last group is integration partners.

Integration Partners

BRiWeb, our secure employer site, can integrate with nearly any HRIS, benefits administration or payroll system. These include ADP Marketplace, Employee Navigator, Ease, along with other major players.

The seamless flow of information is supported by a wide net of features and functions. Everything from Single-Sign-On (SSO) to sync platforms to reduce duplicate effort and minimize the risk that data will be input incorrectly across systems. With our integration partners, you can rest assured that the details for large scale and small scale changes will be accounted for. Through integrations, our clients save time and experience a streamlined solution.

When you partner with BRI, you also reap the benefits of our partnerships. Get started today.