Finding an Effective Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking Cessation Programs

Most smokers (68 percent) want to quit. However, quitting smoking can present a set of challenges that often result in an extended journey to overcome the addiction.

According to the CDC, there are more former smokers in the U.S. today than people who currently smoke. But, the path to successfully quitting can be an uphill battle.

As anyone who has ever tried quitting smoking knows, it is usually not a one-and-done situation. It is a “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” situation. Thankfully, there are multiple tools and treatments that are effective in helping those who want to quit smoking.

Smoking cessation tools

Smoking cessation tools and programs to help quitters be successful are available. These include:

  • conversations with doctors about how to get started with quitting
  • longer term, interactive (face-to-face) support group sessions
  • medications (both prescription and OTC)

These treatments (and others not listed above) are sometimes covered by insurance. They are also eligible expenses that can be paid for with a pre-tax account like a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Finding out what’s eligible

To access a list of eligible expenses and to find out more about what smoking cessation programs are eligible, use the Eligible Expense Lookup tool on If you’re a participant with Benefit Resource, you can view the Eligible Expense Table PDF on BRIWEB. (Login to your BRIWEB account through the main page in the top right corner).

You can also visit the FSA Store and browse eligible smoking cessation items.

Find the most effective smoking cessation program that matches your needs today.