Specialty Accounts For All

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Whether your employees are paying for student loans, groceries, utilities, or gym memberships – life adds up, and quickly. $ + $ + $ = $$$. (Literally.)

During this pandemic, money’s producing almost as much anxiety and panic as the coronavirus itself. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is quickly interrupting the lives of people all over the globe — and has many wondering what it could mean for them, their loved ones, their finances and their futures.

Employers are looking for creative ways to help their staff during these uncertain chaotic times, while also considering their organization’s mission, goals and values. Although this seems like a tall order, many companies require a solution that’s smart, flexible and customized to fit their business— where every dollar has a job, and truly makes a difference to the people that really need it. In other words, employers need an account that allows them to get creative with their benefits.

“We hate flexibility!” said no one ever.  

Well hello, BRI Specialty Accounts

Specialty Accounts (also called Lifestyle or Wellness Accounts) are unique employer-funded plans that support your employees and can even be used as a recruiting tool!

The possibilities are endless, and can include:

  • Medical Reimbursements
  • Wellness Reimbursements – such as gym fees, equipment, and online subscriptions
  • Tuition Reimbursements – such as courses, certifications, and licensing
  • Specialty transportation expenses not eligible under a Commuter Benefit Plan – such as bike sharing, ride sharing, car pools
  • ______________________ (Your unique plan)

Your employees have unique needs. Additional expenses Specialty Accounts can cover may include home office supplies, funeral expenses or even mortgage payments.

Let BRI manage your Specialty Accounts

Specialty Accounts immediately address the everyday needs your employees have. Basically, they are built for success. Your employees that are already paying for these services will be eager to utilize a BRI Specialty Account. We can help adjudicate claims and approve purchase reimbursements, removing the hassle of handling a program for companies like yours. BRI Specialty Accounts are specifically designed to reduce administrative burden.


  • Easy setup
  • Maximum program design flexibility
  • 24/7 administrative control through our easy to use, single sign-on access platform (BRiWeb) that integrates within your benefits administration platform and enrollment tools
  • Increase employee morale and satisfaction
  • Helps reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism
  • Adds value to your benefits portfolio

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