Your BRI notifications cheat sheet

girl using BRI notifications

It’s important to keep track of what’s happening with your accounts– that’s why we created BRI notifications.

You Pick and Choose

We’ve been perfecting our notification system since 2013, so you can trust its reliability. It even made it onto our list of the Top 25 Ways to Save with Pre-tax Benefits.

How it works: Pick and choose which notifications you want and how to receive them (text or email) and they’re easy to set up.

Setting up BRI notifications
Notifications are a breeze with the BRiMobile app!

Download BRiMobile on the App Store  Download the BRiMobile app on Google play for Android devices

You can set up notifications in two ways:

  1. Through the BRiMobile app
  2. Through your online account (BRiWeb)

Check out the “Sign up for balance alerts” section on this blog for detailed instructions on setting up notifications. It only takes a few minutes and can be done on any device.

What you receive BRI notifications about

You can receive BRI notifications about your monthly balance and real-time card activity.

What’s card activity? Card activity includes denials, deposits and transactions. You choose which one(s) you want to be notified about.

Speaking of transactions…

Get notified when your claim reimbursement is ready

Wondering about the status of your claim payment? Receive an email or text when your claim has been processed. No more guessing about when your reimbursement will be paid out!

Always know where your money is

With BRI notifications, you always know exactly what you paid for at the store, in real-time. So if something doesn’t look right, you can fix it before you leave the store. You can also verify how much is left in your account after you make a purchase.

Transaction alerts also keep your account secure. If a transaction alert shows up that wasn’t from you, you know right away and can report it. Notifications provide built-in security to keep you in the know about your money.

Sign up today

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