The HR playlist to power through benefits enrollment

Playlist for Open Enrollment

As you’re diving headlong into benefits enrollment season, power through with some classic tunes from our Benefits Enrollment Playlist.

As you’re getting started

Under Pressure, Queen

We know you can feel like the people in the first 30 seconds of the video. Especially those black and white clips. It’s okay. But if you start to look like the guy in the video at 2:20, it might be time to step away from your computer for a minute.


Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

Keep your eye on the prize. This is your battle song. Unless you’re a Rachel Platten fan and jam to Fight Song. Also totally an option. Anything to get you to the end of the day.


Final Countdown, Europe

There is definitely a final countdown. Whether it’s a final countdown for when benefits will be done or when your sanity will run out is another question.


Survivor, Destiny’s Child

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just remember the chorus:

I’m a survivor (what), I’m not gon’ give up (what)
I’m not gon’ stop (what), I’m gon’ work harder (what)
I’m a survivor (what), I’m gonna make it (what)
I will survive (what), keep on survivin’ (what)


It’s January 1, 2020. You made it.


Happy, Pharrell Willliams

If you don’t have any energy to clap out loud to this one, that’s okay. You can clap along in your head. Or, if you need to remember what it feels like to laugh, you can watch the Weird Al parody of “Happy”.


Rocky’s Theme

Do a lap around the parking lot at the end of the day. And do the whole pose. You’ve earned it.


We are the Champions, Queen

Whether or not you listen to We Will Rock You first, this song will make you feel like answering the same question five times was worth it. (Even though the first time they asked, you told them the answer was in the benefits handout).

It’s been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise

Never were truer words sung.


You Make My Dreams Come True, Hall and Oates

Because there is nothing that beats the classics when it comes to a feel-good beat. There’s a reason this duo was inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If there was a HR Hall of Fame, you’d deserve to have your picture hanging on the wall.


Cheers to another completed benefits season. You did it!

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