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Am I eligible to use a Dependent Care FSA?

In most cases* you are eligible to use a Dependent Care FSA if you are using it to provide care to a qualified person and if the care provided to the qualified person enables you to be: gainfully employed look for work If you are married, the care must also enable your spouse to: work […]

Will I have to report contributions to my Dependent Care FSA on my tax return?

Box 10 on your W-2 form should indicate the total annual amount of your Dependent Care FSA deductions. When completing your tax return, you will need to attach a Child and Dependent Care Expenses form (Form 2441 for a 1040 return; Schedule A for a 1040A return). You should contact a tax preparer for more […]

Is Kindergarten reimbursable from a Dependent Care FSA?

No. The IRS considers Kindergarten primarily educational in nature. Therefore, it is not an eligible expense for reimbursement from a Dependent Care FSA. Note: Summer school and tutoring programs are also considered education and are not eligible for reimbursement.

What services are eligible under a Dependent Care FSA?

You may use this account for dependent care expenses associated with a qualified person. A Qualified Person is someone who spends at least eight hours per day in your home and is one of the following: Your dependent who was under age 13 when the care was provided and for whom you can claim an […]