15 Perks To Consider Offering Your Staff to Retain Employees

Retain Employees

To retain employees the best thing a business owner can do for their staff is offer them benefits that help. This might mean assisting in paying student loans or providing subscription services, so workers’ lives are more fulfilled! BRI’s Becky Seefeldt and 14 other Forbes Business Council members shared suggestions on how they’ve successfully attracted new talent while keeping current ones around – you’ll want some of these ideas if your company needs an update!

Minimally, your benefits should address employees’ physical health, mental health and financial health, but the real perks are specialty benefits that appeal to a deeper personal need or passion. One client recently added a “Happiness Account” in which they are reimbursing items that bring joy to employees. For one employee that may be a yoga class, for another that might be tickets to an event.

 Becky SeefeldtBenefit Resource, LLC