Ready for a Great Open Enrollment?

Ready for a Great Open Enrollment

The peak season for HR professionals is upon us! We’ve put together an Open Enrollment timeline in hopes of making the rest of your year just a little less stressful. A solid employee benefits package is crucial for recruiting and retention and has become even more important in the current market — Open Enrollment plays a […]

3 questions employees should ask before Open Enrollment 2021

3 Questions to Ask Before Open Enrollment

Healthcare is complicated, so how can you get the most out of Open Enrollment 2021? We recommend narrowing down what information you need. Start by using this list of three questions you should ask yourself before signing up for your pre-tax benefits. Question 1: What were my healthcare expenses last year? It’s good to start […]

3 ways to get employees to “swipe right” on your benefits

Swipe Right for Your Benefits

When searching for a partner, we look for someone to complement our lifestyle and financial goals. Why wouldn’t employees take the same approach towards their benefits? Here are three ways to get employees to “swipe right” on your benefits. 1. Set up profiles and filters The first step to getting employees to “swipe right” on […]

Are these resources in your benefits decision toolkit?

Are these resources in your benefits decision toolkit?

For some people, Open Enrollment can feel like a chore. You have to sit through long, boring Open Enrollment meetings (trust us, we try to spice things up) and read through stacks of printed materials from your benefits decision toolkit that probably don’t answer all of your questions. Then when the time comes to enroll, […]

3 steps to get ready for a 1/1 effective date

prepare for 1/1 effective date

If you’re in charge of your company’s benefits plan and everything has a 1/1 effective date, you’re keenly aware of the truth behind the statement “Time is money.” With so much to do (and so little time) here are three steps to help you hit the ground running in January. Step 1: Update your plans  […]

Find what you need with these resources from BRI

get faster access to what you need with resources from BRI

Stop wasting time searching through old emails for information you swore you received from partners and vendors for Open Enrollment. Instead, use resources from BRI, starting with a visit to the new Resource Center. Beyond the Resource Center, we offer multiple tools and assets to help clients and brokers, including our blog page and the […]

3 Low Cost Solutions for Open Enrollment

low cost solutions for OE

These three effective, low cost solutions can help employers who are trying to balance reaching remote employees while not breaking the bank this Open Enrollment. Use an HRIS What is an HRIS? An HRIS is a human resource information system that acts as storehouse for all your data and HR processes. While there are different […]

3 Strategies to Maximize Your Open Enrollment

You can never be too ready for Open Enrollment, so we wanted to share three strategies on how to make the most of your virtual Open Enrollment. In case you missed it, make sure you check out our pieces on how to improve your Open Enrollment readiness levels and what other clients are sharing about […]

3 tips to write email subject lines employees will actually open

open enrollment benefit subject lines to increase email opens

If you’ve ever written an email, you probably know that email subject lines are important. Maybe you’ve seen a “Fwd: Fwd” show up in your inbox and then had to figure out what was going on. We’re going to give you four ways to avoid that and be the person who writes email subject lines […]

Clients Share Their Best Virtual Open Enrollment Tips

best engagement for remote employees benefits virtual 2020

We decided to change up our approach for this blog and feature insights from clients on their best engagement tips for a successful remote Open Enrollment experience. Clients had the chance to share their tips during our Open Enrollment Kick Off Webinar. There were a LOT of good answers. We’ve selected ten to share below, […]

4 Tips To Help Brokers Navigate Benefit Meetings

brokers benefit meetings in 2020

The challenges of 2020 don’t seem to be slowing down as we head toward Open Enrollment and benefit meetings. Many brokers will be faced with the difficult task of communicating another year of rising health plan costs to valued clients. Here are four tips to help brokers navigate these benefit meetings in 2020. 4 tips […]

3 strategies to drive engagement remotely during Open Enrollment

drive engagement remotely​ for employees this Open Enrollment.

Decision support tools are being requested this year more than ever because of the COVID-19 based shift toward virtual Open Enrollment. However, these tools are often out of reach for small to mid market employers. If you’re a small to mid-market employer, here are three strategies you can use to drive engagement remotely​ this year. Leverage […]

Changes to consider for your benefit plans

Changes to Consider for Your Benefit Plans

If you follow Benefit Resource on LinkedIn, you may have seen the #TipsFromBRI videos that we have been releasing since mid-July. Due to COVID-19, the majority of BRI employees are currently working at home. However, they are still as dedicated as ever to ensuring that this year’s Open Enrollment goes smoothly for you. That’s why […]

Download Now: Remote Open Enrollment Guide

remote open enrollment guide

In our Remote Open Enrollment Guide, Creating an Effective Benefits Communication Strategy for a Remote Workforce, you’ll find a five-stage road map that gives you the tools to build a custom benefits communication strategy to reach remote employees. Download your copy now:  What’s inside the Remote Open Enrollment Guide: The five stages to develop […]

5 reasons you should follow BRI on LinkedIn

Follow BRI on LinkedIn

We know you work hard every day to bring the best benefits to your employees. Here are five things that can help you do that and more when you follow BRI on LinkedIn. 1. Learn about new tools for your employees Lack of employee understanding is one of the greatest barriers to increasing adoption. When […]

What is a cafeteria plan? (Hint: It’s not related to lunch)

What is a cafeteria plan?

According to Wikipedia: “A cafeteria plan is an employee benefit plan offered in the United States pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code”. Are you asleep yet? Who uses the word pursuant in a definition? Unfortunately, this topic can often come with a lot of legalese and difficult terms. In this article, we kick […]

Are you ready for Gen Z in the workforce?

Are you ready for Gen Z in the workplace?

There is about to be a new influx of workers: Gen Z. The ones after Millennials. The group born after 1997. What do you need to know about Gen Z when it comes to benefits? They are digital natives and live online Their decisions are driven by social justice over cultural fit How does this […]

One dozen ways to save $100 before Open Enrollment

How to Save $100 for a health account

I’m here to tell you a secret: Even if you make under $30,000 a year, you can still have money for your company’s health insurance plan and for a plan that can save you on taxes. (Like a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Spending Account). Don’t believe us that you have $100 lying around […]

3 Ways to Survive Your Company’s Benefits Enrollment

Survive OE for a better benefits season

I just got my first email from our company about our upcoming Open Enrollment sessions, and I have to tell you, I wasn’t as excited as I thought I’d be. It was a little disappointing. But it made me think: What are the things I want to hear before Open Enrollment? In a perfect world, probably […]

Which solution(s) should I choose? Comparing FSAs, HSAs and HRAs

Comparing FSAs, HSAs and HRAs

Remember the old saying “There’s an app for that?” In the case of pre-tax benefits, we like to say “There’s a plan for that”. Regardless of your benefits problem, by comparing Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Accounts, you can find the right plan to fit your needs. Congress has developed a variety […]

Are you keeping up with HSA enrollment trends?

HSA enrollment is gaining momentum

When it comes to HSA enrollment, converting eligible employees to enrolled participants is not news. The most common advice is to gradually transition from offering traditional plans to consumer-direct health plans (CDHPs). That is still a very effective strategy and holds true. But there is more to HSA enrollment than offering a CDHP. Beyond offering […]

The HR playlist to power through benefits enrollment

Playlist for Open Enrollment

As you’re diving headlong into benefits enrollment season, power through with some classic tunes from our Benefits Enrollment Playlist. As you’re getting started Under Pressure, Queen We know you can feel like the people in the first 30 seconds of the video. Especially those black and white clips. It’s okay. But if you start to […]

Once bitten, twice shy: Why employees don’t re-enroll in an FSA

Why employees don't re-enroll in an FSA

If you have low enrollment rates for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), you aren’t alone. While health insurance benefits are front and center during open enrollment, FSAs often feel like a well-kept secret or afterthought. Creating awareness of the benefit is a common goal during re-enrollment. However, a less commonly addressed issue is when employees who previously […]

Enrolling in benefits creates a level of stress that’s scary

Most employees find enrolling in benefits unpleasant

Most employees look forward to enrolling in benefits about as much as a cat looks forward to taking a bath. I was talking to a friend recently who said her boyfriend received his Open Enrollment materials in the mail… and promptly threw them on the table unopened. According to the 2017 Benefits Communication Survey from Jellyvision, […]