Hall Pass (Episode 13): Claims Processing Improvements

Hall Pass (Episode 13): Claims Processing Improvements

In the last weekly Hall Pass episode, CEO Jason Hall sits down with Claims Supervisor Stacy Taylor. Jason and Stacy have an announcement regarding claims processing improvements. They also discuss how COVID-19 impacted claims and ways that participants can receive reimbursements faster.

Check out the video below:

Claims Processing Improvements

Question 1: How has the claims process changed during COVID-19?

BRI team members worked to minimize the impact to claims processing when moving to a work from home environment.

One major change occurred regarding mailed-in claims. Due to social distancing requirements, claims that are mailed in may be processed at slower rates. Fortunately, the overall impact is minimized because less than 1% of claims are received via mail.

Question 2: What changes have been implemented to improve the claims process?

BRI accelerated the timeline for claims process improvements in an effort to best assist participants during COVID-19. Enhancements were made to reduce the time it takes to process a claim.

Question 3: What should participants do when submitting a claim to receive their reimbursement faster?

1. Where to Submit Claims. Claims submitted through BRiWeb or BRiMobile are processed faster than those submitted through mail or fax. Use this step-by-step walk-through for assistance.

2. Claims Receipts. Claims should be submitted with a receipt. Moreover, that receipt should include the following:

  • Person receiving the service
  • Provider
  • Date of Service
  • Type of Service
  • Out-of-pocket amount

View our Receipt Guide for more information about claims receipts.

3. Letter of Medical Necessity. Claims for vitamins or supplements require a Letter of Medical Necessity from your healthcare provider. Download that form here.

4. Finding Eligible Items. Visit the FSA Store to easily find and shop for eligible medical products.

5. Direct Deposit. Participants should sign up for Direct Deposit on BRiWeb or BRiMobile to have funds deposited right into their account.

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