Hall Pass (Episode 3): Maximize the Participant Experience Q&A

Maximize the Participant Experience

The third installment of Hall Pass centers around our Participant Services Center. Jason Hall interviews Supervisor of Participant Services David Stehler to get insight into improving the participant experience through the use of BRiWeb and/or BRiMobile.

Check out the video below:

Maximize the Participant Experience

Question 1: How can clients/partners improve the participant experience?

As long as plan participants have their Company Code (a code unique to the company they work for) and Member ID (a unique employee number or Social Security number), they can do most things through BRiWeb or BRiMobile. With these, employees can register for an account or get back into it if they forgot their login.

Question 2: What can plan participants do through BRiWeb?

The following are just some of the features available through BRiWeb:

  • See real-time balances for accounts
  • Access Plan Highlights
  • Submit documents
  • Review information about card transactions, claims, and reimbursements
  • Access FAQs by plan type
  • View card status, activate a card, or order a replacement card

Check out our BRiWeb Video Tutorials for more information.

Question 3: What automated features should participants take advantage of?

Participants can sign up for notification alerts and direct deposit to keep track of their balance.

  • Notification alerts – Email and/or text message alerts can be sent regarding claim denials, deposits, purchases, and a monthly account balance summary. Participants can sign up on BRiWeb or BRiMobile.
  • Direct deposit – If participants submit a claim, they can sign up for direct deposit to have those funds deposited right into their account. Participants can sign up on BRiWeb only.

These options are found on BRiWeb Participant Portal by clicking on the participant’s name. They should then see the choices ‘Notifications’ and ‘Direct Deposit’. Alternatively, participants can find the option to sign up to receive notifications through BRiMobile by expanding the menu and clicking on ‘Notifications’.

Question 4: What is the ‘best’ way to submit a claim?

The easiest way to submit claims is through BRiWeb or BRiMobile from a mobile device.

The website is mobile-friendly so employees can login through a browser on their phone. However, it’s faster to submit a claim through the app. The app allows you to take a photo during the claims submission process or upload a picture. If the receipt is in your email or on another app, you can save it or take a screenshot then submit that screenshot.

Question 5: How can participants change their elections?

Through BRiWeb, employees can access ‘Enrollments/Changes’ from the menu. The website will tell them if they need to submit this request to their employer. Or, it will display the option for them to change their elections themselves on the website.

NOTE: As of now, COVID-19 is not considered a qualifying event. Because of this, changes to Medical FSAs are not currently permitted. However, participants can make changes to their HSA, Dependent Care FSA, and Commuter Benefit Plan if their plan allows it. Read our blog on election changes amid COVID-19 for more information.

Question 6: How can participants best take advantage of their pre-tax dollars under new provisions of the CARES Act?

If participants have purchased items in 2020 that are now eligible expenses under the CARES Act, they can submit a claim to have those funds reimbursed. Newly eligible expenses include OTC drugs & medicines (which are now eligible without a prescription) and menstrual products. This law is retroactive until January 1st, 2020. Employees can request a Year-to-Date Summary from their pharmacy and submit that as their claim.

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