Identifying the “Perks” on National Employee Benefits Day

National Employee Benefits Day

National Employee Benefits Day is celebrated on April 6th. This day is dedicated to recognizing employers’ hard work and dedication that provide valuable benefits to their employees. This year, we celebrate this event amid uncertain times, where the need for good employee benefits has become more critical than ever before. In honor of National Employee […]

Check Your Balance – Walk Through

check year-end balance

As the year comes to a close many are evaluating their financial state and are preparing for open enrollment. Checking your year-end balance is part of the preparation. If you have not checked your balance on BRiMobile or BRiWeb yet, let’s walk through the process. BRiWeb Logging In If you are logging in to BRiWeb while […]

Download our HR Pain Points and Challenges eBook

HR Pain points and challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on business as it is responsible for shifting priorities and changing the way we work. The findings from our recent survey helped us understand what HR pain points and challenges professionals face in their daily lives, which will help guide future changes within this industry. BRI conducted […]

Submitting Receipts – Walk Through

So you went to the dentist, paid for your visit, and then received a request for substantiation. If you’ve ever wondered “What is substantiation and why is it required?” you’re not alone – here’s a quick rundown for you. But knowing is only half the battle – you still need to submit your documentation. Thankfully, […]

Submitting Claims – Walk Through

So you have paid out-of-pocket for an eligible item or service and now you need to go through the steps to be reimbursed from your account. When it comes to accessing the funds in your pre-tax benefit plan, the primary concern for most participants is “how difficult is this going to be?” Whether you are […]

Four ways to check your balance

check your balance

Quickly check your account balance in just a few minutes with one of these four options:  Click the image to download 4 Ways to Check Your Balance. CHECK YOUR BALANCE ONLINE  Log in to your account online through BRIWEB. Once you log in your accounts will be listed on the navigation menu. Click the name of the plan to view the balance.  WHAT IF […]

Quick Reference Guide to Acronyms used in Benefits

Acronyms used in Benefits

If you are feeling like you need a special decoder ring to understand your benefits, you are not likely alone. But we have just what you need. We’ll break down common (and not so common) acronyms used in benefits. To make it (hopefully) a little easier, we will tackle it through four groups: Rules and […]

Your Official HRA VEBA Guide


Are you looking for answers about why your company might want to offer an HRA VEBA? BRI’s HRA VEBA Guide is specifically is tailored to employers in the public sector, covering: how public sector entities can take advantage the account the most common ways to fund the account the importance of differentiating between active and retired […]

Download the Crash Course Now

crash course for employers cobra direct billing

Inside “A Crash Course for Employers: Understanding When to Offer COBRA vs. Direct Billing,” you’ll learn if your company needs to offer COBRA, how to avoid noncompliance fees, and the benefits of working with a third-party administrator. What’s inside: Download here: Definitions and main differences between COBRA and Direct Billing Three questions to ask to […]

The benefits of your digital wallet

digital wallet infographic

Digital wallets enable participants to make payments for eligible items while reducing exposure to publically used items. See why participants should add their Beniversal® or eTRAC Prepaid Mastercard® to their digital wallet, and: How to make a purchase Where to pay for eligible healthcare and commuter expenses Security safeguards in place View the full guide HERE […]

Your BRI notifications cheat sheet

girl using BRI notifications

It’s important to keep track of what’s happening with your accounts– that’s why we created BRI notifications. You Pick and Choose We’ve been perfecting our notification system since 2013, so you can trust its reliability. It even made it onto our list of the Top 25 Ways to Save with Pre-tax Benefits. How it works: […]

Download Now: Remote Open Enrollment Guide

remote open enrollment guide

In our Remote Open Enrollment Guide, Creating an Effective Benefits Communication Strategy for a Remote Workforce, you’ll find a five-stage road map that gives you the tools to build a custom benefits communication strategy to reach remote employees. Download your copy now:  What’s inside the Remote Open Enrollment Guide: The five stages to develop […]