Your Year-end Pre-tax Benefits Playbook

Benefits Playbook

Get ready for the season—Open Enrollment Season that is! Whether you’re starting open enrollment early or not until closer to the end of the year, this is for you. Just remember, Benefit Resource is on your team.  We understand it is a stressful time and are ready to make your year-end pre-tax benefits goals a reality.

1st down: Complete a plan document check-up

Just like an annual physical, your plan documentation should be reviewed on an annual basis. When using Benefit Resource for your pre-tax benefits administration, your Plan Highlights document is your basic employee playbook on pre-tax benefits. It outlines the specific features and limits of your plan. When updating your playbook, be sure to look at the following:

✔️Plan limits and employer contributions (if applicable)
✔️Eligibility requirements
✔️Plan end requirements (e.g. Extended Grace Period and FSA Rollover)
✔️Plan types (e.g. Medical FSA, Limited FSA, HSA, HRA)
✔️Claim restrictions and deadlines

In addition to changing your playbook, you might be considering adding a few new plays. Adding a Health Savings Account is a strong and popular play. However, if you need a little more flexibility and creativity, a Health Reimbursement Account is the way to go. Whatever you do, just make sure your pre-tax benefits align with your overall game plan.

2nd Down: Determine your communication strategy

Clear and concise communication—This is the key to achieving your pre-tax benefits goals. You could have the best plan design and benefits package but if teams don’t understand it, you will not succeed. Here is a communication plan to get you started.

Check out available communication resources.

3rd Down: Schedule re-enrollment

This is game time. If you don’t move things down the field now, you are likely to fumble or get sacked. It is time to finalize your game plan and make a move.

Benefit Resource takes the pressure off by allowing you to schedule your FSA re-enrollment online. Simply, log into the BRIWEB. Select the FSA/HRA Plans section and click Re-Enrollment Information and Scheduling FSA Web Enrollment. If you need assistance, please contact your assigned specialist.

OFFENSIVE STRATEGY: Need some last-minute help getting the word out? Use the Email Communication Tool in the BRIWEB. There are a variety of email templates to choose from. Simply select a date and template, then upload an email list. Benefit Resource will take care of the rest.

4th Down: Get those enrollments passed the goal line.

It’s time to call the final play. If you used a Benefit Resource web enrollment solution, review your enrollments and make any final changes. Once open enrollment is complete, Benefit Resource will automatically begin setting up your participants and issuing cards. You will receive a confirmation file that can be used to implement deductions into payroll.

If you are planning to send enrollments through a file, verify that your file is complete and securely submit it to Benefit Resource. Files can be submitted through the Secure BRIWEB, through Secure FTP or through partner integrations. If you are relying in integrations, confirm the integration with your third-party vendor and Benefit Resource has been tested and is live.


  • Teams that submit their enrollments by December 7, ensure their players receive all their gear (AKA cards) by January.
  • Always practice safety first and submit enrollment files securely. Do not email your enrollment files. You are putting all of your player’s safety in jeopardy.

Touchdown: Enrollment complete. And that’s the game (kind of).

Once enrollments are processed, Benefit Resource will take the lead and create new participants. Participants will typically receive an email confirming their enrollment has been processed and to expect their Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard® in the mail. Additionally, Benefit Resource provides participants with the BRiPulse monthly e-newsletter for ongoing tips and recommendations to manage their accounts.

Employers should confirm payroll deductions are set-up and ongoing election files are provided (as needed) for your specific plan configuration.

Need a little post-game support?

Your assigned client specialist is available to assist with the day-to-day management of your plans. You can find the name and contact information of your assigned specialist by logging into the BRIWEB.

New to Benefit Resource or not sure who to contact? Contact us or request a quote.