Your 4-step back to work guide for commuting

commuters going back to work

People going back to work after COVID-19 are facing new challenges, including how to maintain social distancing protocols during notoriously busy commutes.

Here are four ways employers can help create a safer commute that balances flexibility with safety.

Help participants transfer from mass transit to parking benefits

As employees begin to come back to work, many are going to find comfort in their personal car. Employees can easily change their elections from mass transit to parking benefits. Through BRI’s partnership with Spot Hero, employees have a quick and simple way to find parking spots near the office.

Provide flexibility and convenience

Back-to-work efforts are expected to be slow and unpredictable. For many employees, what they need most is flexibility. This includes the flexibility to adjust their commuting needs on a regular basis. With mass transit and parking benefit solutions from BRI, your employees have the freedom to choose what works best for them and change those needs without long lead times. Employees can avoid commitments to monthly passes and use value loads and single-ride options on an as-needed basis.

Support alternative commuting benefits

For some employees, mass transit and parking are just not ideal, but not even feasible in the current environment. Employees may find more value in alternative commuting benefits (e.g. walking or biking). BRI offers Specialty Accounts that allow employers to provide an after-tax subsidy or reimbursement to employees that utilize an alternative form of commuting.

Promote physical and digital safety

Participants can make payments through the Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard® or eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard® thanks to compatibility with digital wallets.

What’s a digital wallet? Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are all digital wallets that can be used for contactless payments with the Beniversal or eTRAC card.

By using a digital wallet, commuters can pay for eligible items while reducing exposure to publicly used items like turnstiles and ticket kiosk areas. Additionally, digital wallets leverage a one-time-use token with each transaction to keep information private. Payment information is never shared with merchants or stored on the device.

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