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Why is my personal information not being recognized during registration?

During the registration process, you may get an error message that says “Participant Not Found” which may prevent you from proceeding forward. Here are some reasons that this may be happening.   You are trying to register too soon. If BRI doesn’t have information on who enrolled in our systems yet, you may get an error that says, “Participant Not Found”. Try registering […]

Where do I find my Company Code and/or Member ID?

Details about what your Company Code and Member ID should be provided by your employer (likely during Open Enrollment or toward the start of your plan year). Please review all benefits correspondence and materials from your HR department during this period.  These details may also be included in your “Welcome to Beniversal” email. Please check […]

What is the eligible item scanner?

The eligible item scanner allows you to scan the barcode of a potentially eligible item. The scanner will identify if the item is eligible and if you can use your health account funds to pay for it. (Health accounts include: Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account). After you scan an item, […]

Are the features of BRIMOBILE limited by the accounts I have?

Yes, the features available will be limited by the accounts you have and if you have a card associated with those accounts. There are four main options from the home page. Here are the general rules: Check Account Balance (available for all accounts) Recent Card Transactions (available for all accounts with the Beniversal or eTRAC […]

What file types are accepted by BRIMOBILE when submitting claims or receipts?

The app will accept any standard image file (e.g. jpg, png, gif) or PDF format. If you are uploading a large file or are experiencing a poor data connection, prevent the screen from locking by periodically touching the screen. If your screen locks during upload, you will be automatically signed out of the app and […]

What transaction information is available?

BRIMOBILE will display card transactions for the past 30 days. From the transaction view, an arrow will appear to the right of the transaction indicating additional detail is available. Click on the arrow to see information regarding the merchant, which account the transaction applies to, amount and date posted. Transaction information will not display for […]

What account balances are available?

BRIMOBILE will display current plan year account balances for a Medical Flexible Spending Account, Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account and Health Reimbursement Account. Since Mass Transit, Parking and Health Savings Accounts are rolling balances, you will only see a current plan year balance.

I forgot my login or passcode. What should I do?

If you have previously logged into BRIMOBILE and established a passcode, you will automatically be prompted to enter your passcode on the next visit. If you have forgotten this passcode, tap the “Forgot your passcode” link from the login screen. You will be prompted to log in using your card information or participant login credentials. […]

What do I need to log into the BRIMOBILE app?

On your first login, log in with your BRIWEB participant login credentials (including: Company Code, Login ID and Password). Once you have successfully logged in, you have the option of creating a security passcode for future use.

What devices are supported by BRIMOBILE?

BRIMOBILE is supported on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and most Android tablet devices. If you have an issue installing or using the app on one of these devices, please email