Hall Pass (Episode 8) – BRI Resources

BRI Resources

CEO Jason Hall sits down with Marketing Manager Casey Burke in this week’s episode of Hall Pass. In this video, they discuss resources produced by BRI that are available to clients, partners, and plan participants.

Check out the video below:

BRI Resources Q&A

Question 1: What is BRI’s Marketing Team doing to keep employers and their employees informed during COVID-19?

BRI’s Marketing Team is dedicated to providing employers and participants with the latest pre-tax and COBRA news, information, and updates amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance:

Question 2: What resources are available to clients, partners, and plan participants?

Clients and Partners 

  • Beniversal Update Newsletter – Get monthly news on the latest product enhancements, tips, reminders, legislative news, and more. In addition, you can also preview important content the BRI Team will be providing to plan participants.
  • Blog Articles – Read blog articles, many of which can help you better manage your plans.
  • Open Enrollment Resources – Access various resources, including videos, FAQs, brochures, email templates, and more.

See additional employer materials by visiting our Employer Resource Center. Additionally, employers can login to BRiWeb to gain access to more resources.


  • BRI Pulse – This monthly participant-facing newsletter includes important pre-tax account information that pertains to them.
  • Calculators – Participants can calculate their potential savings if they enroll in an FSA, HSA, or Commuter plan.
  • Blog Articles – Many of our blog articles are written with the participant in mind to help them better understand their pre-tax accounts.
  • Commuter Resource Center – Participants in different states and metropolitan areas can access mass transit and parking-related information that pertains to them.
  • Educational Webinars – These 30-minute webinars cover the benefits of the account (either FSAs, HSAs, or Commuter plans), how the account works, and an overview of BRiWeb and other account resources.
  • FAQs – We answer many of the questions that participants may have about BRI’s services, pre-tax accounts, and COBRA.

See additional participant materials by visiting our Participant Resource Center. Additionally, participants can login to BRiWeb or BRiMobile to access more resources.

Question 3: How can clients and participants offer suggestions and feedback to BRI?

BRI sends out annual client and participant surveys that you can use to provide us feedback. Afterwards, survey responses are analyzed and used to improve the client and participant experience.