Skip the wait– use your BRI account online

Skip the line, go to your BRI online account

Your BRI online account can be used for more than checking your balance. (Although it’s great for that, too). You can also sign up for ways to get your reimbursements faster, skip calling in about your card, and get answers to FAQs. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the top five ways to use your BRI online account at

Update your monthly election for Commuter Plans*

If your employer allows you to change your Mass Transit and/or Parking elections online, you can do it easily through your BRI online account. Just go to the Enrollment/Changes tab in the navigation menu. The change will take effect in the first payroll after the monthly cut-off for election changes (refer to your Plan Specifications).

This is a great way to avoid adding too much money to your Mass Transit or Parking Account.

If you have an excess balance (sometimes called over electing), this is where you can adjust your election to zero. That way, you address the balance that is already present in the account.

*If online election changes are not supported under your Commuter Plan, refer to your employer to update your election.

Sign up for faster reimbursements with direct deposit

If you want to receive your reimbursements in a fraction of the time, direct deposit is the way to go. You can easily sign up through your BRI online account. Login, click on your name in the navigation menu, and select Direct Deposit from the list. It’ll pull up a new page where you can enter your information.

What you’ll want to have with you before you get started:

  • Account you’ll be using (checking or savings)
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank name
  • Account number

Once you’ve entered all that in, check the “I agree” box. (Don’t worry- we don’t ask for your first born child. We just want you to know what to expect after you sign up).

It takes 24-48 hours to take effect, and then you’ll start receiving reimbursements directly into your bank account.

View your recent transaction history

Want to verify a certain expense or see how much you paid for a certain service? You can look at your recent transaction history for any account.


Just log in to your BRI online account, select the account you want to view transactions for from the left navigation panel, and then click “All Transactions”.

Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to scroll if necessary.

Report your card lost or stolen with ONE button

When you log in to your BRI online account, it will automatically show you the main Dashboard. If you need to report your card lost or stolen, click “View Card Status” in the top section, next to your name.

You will be taken to a new page, called Profile, that has three sections: Login Information, Contact Information and Card Status. In the Card Status section, click the “Report Lost/Stolen” button.

A new window with two options will appear:

  • Option 1: Report Lost/Stolen: This will mark the card as lost but NOT activate a request for a replacement
  • Option 2: Report and Reorder: This will mark the card as lost and will activate a request for a replacement

The first option is a good choice if you are looking for your card because you misplaced it but don’t want to declare it lost yet. When you select the first option, it turns off the card. If you find it, you will need to call in to have it reactivated.

If you know you have lost your card, you can select the second option, which will turn off your card and start the process for a replacement card to be sent to you. Read more about replacing your card.

Look up if an expense is eligible under your health account

Frustrated by not knowing what’s eligible under your health account?

You’re in luck! The Eligible Health Care Expense Table is an alphabetized list of eligible expenses for flex spending accounts and health savings accounts.

In the table, there is a column called “Is expense a qualifying expense” which is organized like a traffic-light. A green dot next to an expense means it is eligible, a yellow light means that under certain conditions, the expense may be eligible, and a red dot means the expense is not eligible.

For yellow marked items (conditional ones), the service or item must almost always be used to treat, diagnose or mitigate the symptoms of a medical condition and you will need to provide a certificate (or letter) of medical necessity.

Find it in the Documents section when you login to your account on BRiWeb.

There may be exceptions depending on your employer. Please check your Plan Highlights.

Sign up for ongoing balance info with BRiAlerts

To receive updates about deposits for mass transit/parking and other accounts, as well as monthly balance reminders and transactions, use BRiAlerts.

You can sign up through your BRI online account on BRiWeb. For more information on signing up for BRiAlerts, check out four ways to check your balance besides calling in.

Four ways to check your balance

Skip the line – do it all online

As you can see, your BRI online account gives you access to a ton of great information, in just a few minutes. So next time you have something you need to check, skip the line and do it all online.

Stay tuned for more posts about finding your Member ID and setting a passcode for the BRiMobile app! In the meantime, we invite you to peruse our content channels for more great articles like this one for new participants and this one about the top 25 ways to save with your account.