Top Uses for Specialty Accounts

Uses for Specialty Accounts 2

There are many unique benefits that you could offer your employees. Student loan assistance, tuition assistance, and fitness classes are three of the most desirable employee benefits. Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide all these in one convenient offering? The good news is, you can!

The best way to keep your employees happy and healthy is by providing them with the tools they need. That’s why we offer Specialty Accounts, designed for specific groups of people. Benefit Resource can help you create a benefits plan that is tailored specifically for your employees. Your Specialty Account will be administered by BRI, and employees can use it based on the specifications of your organization’s needs- carded or noncard programs are both eligible!

Starting next week, BRI will begin highlighting and sharing in-depth examples from different types of Specialty Account designs. We will show you how you can create similar benefits plans for your company or something completely unique! But first, let’s give a high-level overview of what makes these accounts different and why your employees will love them!

Set Your Benefits Package Apart

These days employees want to work for a company where they feel appreciated and part of a team. When a company addresses and understands these needs, employees will feel valued and want to stay. Help your people by setting up Specialty Accounts to support their physical, mental, social, and career needs.

BRI Pro Tip: Stand out by creating a comprehensive Wellness Account that covers ALL types of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, and family (including pets!)

Benefits that promote physical, mental and financial health allow employees to worry less about life’s burdens providing the following advantages:

  • Reduced workplace stress
  • Higher productivity rates
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Easier talent acquisition
  • Increased employee retention rates
  • Improved company image and employee workplace experience

NEW Plan Design Options

The following categories are now available for carded and non-carded plans:

  • Wellness and Fitness (equipment, gym memberships, fitness app subscriptions, mental health support, etc.)
  • Education (college tuition/student loans, learning subscriptions, certifications, K-12 private school tuition, Pre-K, etc.)
  • Special Transportation (not covered under a Commuter Benefit Plan like taxis, tolls, gas, ridesharing apps, etc.)
  • Bicycle Commute (bikes, bike share programs, etc.)
  • Pet Benefits and Supplies (pet supply stores, veterinary services, etc.)
  • Utilities (phone, internet, electric, etc.)
  • Home Office Supplies (desks, chairs, computers/equipment, etc.)
  • Personal Services (cleaning and laundry services, salons and barber shops, home repairs, etc.)
  • Entertainment (theatres, event tickets, amusement parks, dance halls, arcades, aquariums, digital goods, etc.)

We will be covering the above plan design options, as well as ways to customize your plan, in our upcoming blog series. So, don’t forget to check back next week when we feature an in-depth look at Specialty Accounts: Wellness and Fitness.

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