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Administrative Professionals Day is an Opportunity to Say Thank You

Administrative Professionals Day

The job of an administrative professional has changed tremendously over the years. This day no longer applies to “secretaries” only. Administrative Professionals Day is a day that was created to honor the many contributions administrative professionals make.

While remote and hybrid teams are the norm today, recognizing your employees’ hard work is more important than ever. During this pandemic, many administrative professionals have been instrumental in tackling new challenges, while helping staff stay connected.

The Value of Admin Professionals

Administrative roles have become incredibly diverse over recent years and continue to evolve. In a world where business is changing at an exponential rate, it’s essential that administrative professionals are recognized and appreciated for their hard work. These employees provide real benefit to the people they support and the organization as a whole. Without their time and effort, businesses wouldn’t be able to run smoothly.

Achieving success requires teamwork; unfortunately, many companies don’t put enough time into recognizing all players who make up part of this complex system, but we believe everyone deserves their moment to shine.

Appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day and Beyond

If you want to show your workforce how much they mean to the success of the company, consider trying these:

A kind word — a simple “thank you” can go a long way.

Rest and relaxation — allow flexibility to log off early to recharge. If this isn’t feasible, consider a gift card to treat themselves to something they enjoy.

Benefits that work for employees  — provide benefits to support employee lives, values, and passions.

New opportunities — offer new professional opportunities to show your team members you’re invested in their future.

Professional development — offer reimbursement for professional organization memberships or online courses. 

Administrative Professionals Day is a great way to show appreciation for all of the hard work that admins put in every day. Whether it be thanks for a job well done or just recognizing your admin staff on their special day, companies should show appreciation to those who work hard. A little recognition goes miles way when you’re trying keep employees engaged and happy in the workplace!

Thank you all!