What if I want my spouse to talk with BRI about my HRA VEBA?

Your spouse may call BRI to discuss your HRA VEBA account provided we have your authorization. To do so, please complete the PHI Authorization Form available on BRI’s website at BenefitResource.com, under Forms > Health Reimbursement Account.

I still don’t understand the differences between BRI and BPAS. When do I access my account through BRI and when do I access my account through BPAS?

Benefit Resource (BRI) is the pretax administrator for the HRA VEBA (as well as other pre-tax accounts you may be enrolled in). BRI processes your reimbursement claims, manages the card, and provides participant support on expense eligibility and the BRIWEB. BPAS is the daily valued record-keeper and custodian of your VEBA account. BPAS manages the […]

How do I manage my investments?

It’s easy to navigate between your BRI account and your HRA VEBA Portal. Access your account through BRIWEB, then navigate to the HRA VEBA tab in the left sidebar. Select “I Want To”, then click “Manage My VEBA” to be redirected to the VEBA Portal. Watch the overview video below for additional information: If you […]

How do I get reimbursed for my entire HRA VEBA balance?

To receive your entire balance, reimburse your full account by completing these steps: Complete a paper claim form with supporting documentation. (Universal Claim Form found at the Documents link) Write the full amount of your account balance on the form. (You can see your full balance on the BPAS website.) Write “Liquidate My VEBA” at […]

What if I submit a claim for more than what the balance is in my account?

The following scenario represents the process that will occur if this happens: SCENARIO: You submit a claim for $6,000. Your invested balance is $5,000 and your available balance is $4,500 (90% of $5k). You will initially be reimbursed for $4,500 (the available balance). In an overnight process, the BPAS system will recalculate the remaining $500 […]

What happens to my HRA VEBA dollars if I die?

Upon death, your spouse or eligible dependent(s) will receive the dollars to use for their own healthcare expenses. There is no beneficiary provision available for HRA VEBA accounts. If you do not have a spouse or eligible dependent, your funds will be allocated back into the trust for use by other members of the HRA […]

What happens to my HRA VEBA dollars if I retire or leave my current job?

When HRA VEBA dollars are contributed, they become your dollars. However, they are not portable and cannot be withdrawn from the account other than to pay for eligible expenses. You will be able to continue to use this money to pay for your healthcare expenses (including health insurance premiums) even after you retire or leave […]

What if I have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and HRA VEBA?

If you have a balance in both a Flexible Spending Account and HRA VEBA, reimbursement will be made from your FSA first since this is a use or lose plan and the HRA VEBA second. For example, if you submit a claim for $500 and have $400 in your FSA and $5,000 in your HRA […]

What is an HRA VEBA?

A Voluntary Employee Benefit Account (VEBA) is a type of Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) that allows you to be reimbursed for healthcare expenses on a tax-free basis. Funds put into an HRA VEBA are funded by your employer or through collectively bargained arrangements. The account is kept in a trust and administered by a third-party […]