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I still don’t understand the differences between BRI and BPAS. When do I access my account through BRI and when do I access my account through BPAS?

Benefit Resource (BRI) is the pretax administrator for the HRA VEBA (as well as other pre-tax accounts you may be enrolled in). BRI processes your reimbursement claims, manages the card, and provides participant support on expense eligibility and the BRIWEB. BPAS is the daily valued record-keeper and custodian of your VEBA account. BPAS manages the funds in the trust and manages the investment of funds and provides support on investments and site navigation.

Access your BRI account to do the following:

  • View your HRA VEBA and other pre-tax account balances
  • File claims for reimbursement
  • Access forms and other tools and resources for your accounts
  • Edit/change your preferred payment method or add a bank account
  • Contact Participant Services to assist you with the online portal, Mobile App and debit card
  • Activate your card
  • Order additional or replacement debit cards
  • If you are no longer employed, update your address by expanding the drop down next to your name and choosing profile then contact information

Access your BPAS account to do the following:

  • View your full HRA VEBA account balance
  • Access your account summary
  • Complete the following transactions (related to investing funds):
    • Transfer money between funds
    • Rebalance your account
    • View pending web transactions
    • View general information regarding your plan, address, and email address
    • If you are no longer employed, update your address under Account Maintenance

Remember, you can easily access the BPAS account through the BRIWEB.  Navigate to the HRA VEBA tab in the left sidebar, then Select “I Want To”, then click “Manage My VEBA” to be redirected to the VEBA Portal.

Watch the video below for additional information:

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