Simplify your New Year’s resolutions with 4 easy ideas

Tips on New Year's resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a funny human phenomenon.

The story goes… as the clock counts down every New Year’s Eve, millions of people around the world celebrate with the hope AND intention that next year will be better than the last– the start of a clean slate!

Everyone loves a few good stats, so here you go!

?According to a recent study organized by Finder, over half of the U.S. adult population (55.31%) plans to follow through on their 2021 New Year’s resolutions.

?Another 74.02% claim they’d like to learn something brand new, change their everyday life somehow or set one goal or another to better themselves within the avenues of finances, health, career, family, love, or general self-improvement.

?(We’re guessing that this next finding won’t shock you). Older generations such as Baby Boomers appear to have more health-oriented goals while the youngest demographic of the group, Gen Z, are more focused on self-improvement. Go figure.

The one thing that was agreed upon across generations when it came to New Year’s resolutions was that careers will most likely take a back seat in 2021.

Now, we are just about three weeks into 2021… How are your resolutions coming along?

If you’re already struggling with motivation (like the majority of us) consider a few of our ideas!

ONE: Fall in love

2021 is the perfect time to assess and re-evaluate your relationships, work partnerships, end a toxic friendship or even set your sights on new romance! Ooh la-la! Likewise, how are things going with your benefit advisors?

Re-evaluation of your current benefit partners will help you to determine the level of service you are receiving and if a change may be warranted. Consider desirable attributes like responsiveness, ongoing education, and communication. Learn what we mean by these in our blog Evaluating a TPA? Consider asking these 5 questions.

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TWO: Get tech-savvy

Are you tired of being the last one in your social circle to get the new phone or download the latest app? This could be the year you take that great leap forward into the technological age and get your digital accounts in order!

Consider a few of our techy-tools!

  1. BRiMobile: The ultimate tool for managing tax-free accounts on-the-go. Scan and search for eligible items, view transactions and balances, or even submit receipts and claims all from the comfort of anywhere!
  2. BRiAlerts: Ever wonder if a transaction is approved? Want to know how your balance is affected? Wait no longer! You can receive real-time alerts by text* message or email regarding your accounts with BRI.
  3. Digital Wallets: Enable your Beniversal card for contactless payments through Google Pay®, Apple Pay®, and Samsung Pay® digital wallets. Once you have set up your card through the digital wallet, you can pay for eligible expenses at participating locations, all from your phone! Find out more by following the link to our digital wallets FAQ page.
THREE: Try something new

Whether it’s picking up virtual boxing classes, a beach vacation, learning French, or trying out a different wardrobe, the new year is a time of re-invention and adventure. So why not try out some new benefits as part of your New Year’s resolutions?

These days, there is an endless variety of fun perks and benefits entering corporate America that can help excite and retain your current employees and attract new talent. Many employers are adding Specialty Accounts, that could include tuition, home-office supply or gym membership reimbursement.

FOUR: Clean up the house or office space!

Are you hoarding L.L. Bean catalogs from 2005? It’s time to let them go.

Recycle and shred those old newspapers, paper statements and whatever else is gathering dust in your house. January and February is a great time for getting rid of the clutter. Likewise, it’s a great time to clean up your employee benefit plan documents!

January marks the beginning of a new Plan Year for many employers. This means possible changes to your benefits package, including your pre-tax benefit plans. As you carefully consider these changes, be sure to understand how Plan Documents are affected. For personalized guidance, please contact us.

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