7 ways to manage your benefits better, based on your personality

manage your benefits better

If you are looking for a new way to manage your benefits this year, you might enjoy building it around an approach that factors in your existing organizational habits and your personality.

While it often feels like benefits are a tertiary part of our daily lives, incorporating them as part of the bigger picture helps make them more accessible when it comes time to use them.

Since not all of us can be Marie Kondo, here’s how you can build a system to manage your benefits better based on your personality and existing organizational structures.

You’re a tree hugger and want to go green: 

Step one is going to be ditching paper account statements for electronic documents. You can easily update your statement preferences by logging in online and opting out of paper records.

Step two is signing up for email and phone alerts. You can opt-in to these handy (and free) notifications through your online account or the mobile app. This puts you in the driver’s seat for which alerts you receive and how.

See more about going green with a commuter account.

You’re detail-oriented and run a tight ship:

Track card activity and be the first one to know if something isn’t right with ID theft monitoring and balance alerts.

You can also get all the details you need through real-time alerts. See a record of deposits, card transactions, and even the date and time a purchase was made.

Manage your benefits better and never let a penny go missing with alerts.

You like sticking it to the man:

The more money you put into your tax-free account, the less goes into the pocket of the IRS. Give yourself a leg up by understanding how your IRA, HSA and 401(k) play together.

If you have a health savings account, you should know how and when it benefits you to make election adjustments. The frequency with which you can adjust your election will depend on how your employer has the plan set up, so check your company’s documents for more information.

The more you understand about using pre-tax accounts to sock away money before taxes, the less you’re a cog in the corporate wheel.

You’re old-school and prefer to keep physical copies of important documents:

If you still use a filing cabinet, you probably already have a folder for benefits or insurance. When it comes to your pre-tax accounts, you’ll want to have a section devoted to any incoming mail, which will vary depending on which account(s) you have.

At the very least, you should expect to receive some mail tied to your taxes.

In addition to receiving your Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard®, you will probably receive periodic statements or updates about your health savings account. If you have an HSA, you will also receive paperwork around tax time.

Ensuring you have a devoted spot for that mail as it arrives will make it that much easier to file your taxes and manage your benefits.

You’re fast-paced and want information and funds on the go:

Your best friend will be the BRiMobile app. Get on-the-go access to your account balance, recent transactions and more. It’s free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Logging in is simple. Just use your login ID and password from BRiWeb and then set a passcode for any future logins.

If you’re more comfortable using a computer, make sure you’re set up on BRiWeb. It’s your secure account management center. Get complete access to your account details, including card transactions, statements, and the status of claims.

Need to register? Contact your employer for your company code and member ID to get started.

? Have you considered enabling your card for contactless payments through Google Pay®, Apple Pay®, and Samsung Pay® digital wallets?

Once you have set up your card through the digital wallet, you can pay for eligible expenses at commuting locations, all from your phone! Find out more by following the link to our digital wallets FAQ page or viewing our infographic.

beniversal card digital wallets

You pride yourself on your independence and problem solving:

Don’t want to call in to check your balance? Use these four ways to check your balance without asking for help from anyone.

Pro Tip: Receive real-time account updates by signing up for BRiAlerts.

You can never remember your login:

Not a worry! You can still find out your account balance in under 5 minutes. You don’t even have to wait in line to talk to a person on the phone. Just call the Quick Balance Line and the system will read you your balance automatically.

With these seven tips, you can manage your account based on how you operate and really let your benefits work as hard as you do! How else do you like to manage your benefits?