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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to avoid/limit requests for receipts when I use the Beniversal Card in the future?

There are certain times when your Beniversal Card transaction can be automatically approved:

  • Use your card at IIAS merchants. These merchants have a checkout system that identifies which items are eligible under a Medical FSA and which are ineligible. Click here for a list of IIAS merchants. Additionally, you can use this resource to locate IIAS merchants in your area.
  • Verify your employer reported updated health plan information. When your employer has reported that you are enrolled in their health plan, your co-pay amount(s) under that plan will be automatically approved.
  • Provide documentation once for recurring expenses. If you have a recurring eligible expense for the same amount at the same provider/merchant (e.g. orthodontia payments), you will be asked to submit a detailed receipt to Benefit Resource for the first card transaction. You will not need to submit receipts for future card transactions at that same provider for the same amount.

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