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How will I know at the point-of-sale whether I will need to submit additional documentation?

You may not know if you’ll be asked to verify the eligibility of an expense when you use your Beniversal Card. Our opt-in BRiAlerts service allows you to receive email or text alerts just moments after completing the transaction. You can opt-in for BRiAlerts through BRiWeb or through the BRiMobile app. We will also automatically notify you by email or mail if a receipt is required. Additionally, here are a few situations that may require a receipt. Regardless, always save all receipts and expense documentation.

  • Some dental expenses (e.g. teeth whitening) are not eligible. Therefore, a detailed receipt is usually required for dental expenses, unless it is a recurring eligible expense and has been previously verified.
  • Most doctors’ offices provide services (e.g. cosmetic procedures) that are not eligible. You will not need to submit a receipt if the transaction amount matches your co-pay amount reported by your employer or if the transaction is a recurring match and has been previously verified. Most other expenses will require a detailed receipt.
  • Some optical expenses (e.g. non-prescription sunglasses) are not eligible under the plan. A detailed receipt is usually required for optical expenses unless it is purchased at an IIAS merchant (such as
  • Prescriptions will not require a detailed receipt as long as they meet one of the following: (1) purchased at an IIAS merchant, (2) matches your employer health plan co-pay amount or (3) is a recurring amount that has been previously verified.

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