How do I activate my card?

You have two options to activate your card. Option 1: Activate your card by calling the phone number on the back of your card. Option 2: Activate your card online when you log in to your BRIWEB account using your Login ID and password. If you are logging in for the first time, you will […]

What are some reasons my Card might not work at the point-of-sale?

Your card has not been activated. Your balance is less than the full expense. You attempted to purchase items that are not eligible under your plan. The merchant is not registered in an eligible network. The merchant is having technical problems. The home address you gave the merchant did not match the address on file […]

What if I lose my card or need another one?

To minimize unauthorized use of your card, be sure to report a lost card immediately by calling Benefit Resource at (800) 473-9595 or logging on to BRIWEB and clicking “View Card Status.” You can request replacement cards through the same process.

Do I need a new Beniversal Card each plan year?

No. As long as you continue to participate in an active plan from Benefit Resource, you can continue using your card through the expiration date on the card. Any new elections will be loaded on your card at the beginning of each new Plan Year.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

You can request a new card in under a minute by logging in to your account on BRIWeb and selecting the “Report Lost/Stolen” button in the Card Status section. How to Login: Login by selecting “Employees” from the dropdown menu under the yellow Login button on When you login, your account dashboard will show […]

What if my expense is more than the amount available in my account?

Ask the merchant if they can process the transaction for the exact amount available on your card and then pay for the remaining amount with a separate form of payment. If the merchant is unable to process a partial payment from the card, you will need to pay the entire amount with another form of […]

What if I cannot use my card for parking or vanpooling expenses at the point-of-sale?

You can submit a claim for parking expenses in one of the following ways. The BRiMobile app allows mobile device users to submit claims on-the-go. Log into the participant website, under the Commuter Benefit Plan tab, select Submit an Online Claim (available if allowed by your plan). Complete your claim form, then either upload it to […]

If asked, should I select “Debit” or “Credit”?

Select CREDIT to sign for the purchase or DEBIT to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To request a PIN for your Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard® or eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard, call (855) 247-0198. There is no ATM or cash access associated with this card.

Where can I use my card?

The card can only be used at approved vendors that accept Debit Mastercard. Mass transit and parking funds on your card can only be used at vendors that primarily provide transit passes and/or workplace parking. You cannot use those funds at non-qualified locations such as restaurants, gas stations, bookstores, department stores or grocery stores. For […]

How can I find the balance on my card?

You can get your account balance: Login to the participant website and view your accounts Check on the BRIMOBILE app Use the automated QuickBalance feature. Call Participant Services at (800) 473-9595 and enter your card information. Your account balance(s) will be read out to you by the automated system. Contact the Benefit Resource Participant Services […]

How does the Commuter Benefit Card work?

Transit and/or parking funds (e.g. from payroll deductions) are “stored” in the appropriate account on the card. The participant can then use the card to pay for an eligible service at an approved vendor. The funds for a purchase are deducted from the appropriate account, reducing the value stored on the card in that account. […]

What is a Commuter Benefit Card?

A Commuter Benefit Card is a prepaid card that is linked to a Commuter Benefit Plan (CBP). The card allows a participant to access plan funds at the point-of-sale to pay for eligible workplace mass transit and/or parking expenses. This card may be an eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard® or a Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard depending on what […]