What if I cannot use my card for parking or vanpooling expenses at the point-of-sale?

You can submit a claim for parking expenses in one of the following ways. The BRiMobile app allows mobile device users to submit claims on-the-go. Log into the participant website, under the Commuter Benefit Plan tab, select Submit an Online Claim (available if allowed by your plan). Complete your claim form, then either upload it to […]

If asked, should I select “Debit” or “Credit”?

Select CREDIT to sign for the purchase or DEBIT to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To request a PIN for your Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard® or eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard, call (855) 247-0198. There is no ATM or cash access associated with this card.

Where can I use my card?

The card can only be used at approved vendors that accept Debit Mastercard. Mass transit and parking funds on your card can only be used at vendors that primarily provide transit passes and/or workplace parking. You cannot use those funds at non-qualified locations such as restaurants, gas stations, bookstores, department stores or grocery stores. For […]

How can I find the balance on my card?

You can get your account balance: Login to the participant website and view your accounts Check on the BRIMOBILE app Use the automated QuickBalance feature. Call Participant Services at (800) 473-9595 and enter your card information. Your account balance(s) will be read out to you by the automated system. Contact the Benefit Resource Participant Services […]

Can I still receive reimbursement after I terminate employment?

Only services provided through your last month of employment are eligible for reimbursement. Eligible claims must be received by Benefit Resource by the end of the month following your last month of employment. Details regarding any remaining funds are outlined in your Plan Specifications.

Can I stop contributing to a CBP Account?

You can elect to stop contributing to your CBP Account (that is, to make a $0 election). If you are still eligible to participate, your account balance will continue to be available for use until funds are exhausted or your account is closed.

Who is responsible for determining eligibility of expenses?

Eligibility of expenses is dictated by the IRS and those guidelines are used by Benefit Resource. The services of an attorney are utilized if an additional opinion is needed or research is required to clarify the eligibility of an expense.

Are highway tolls, commuting mileage, taxicab fares and fuel eligible?

No. Only qualified workplace mass transit and parking expenses are eligible. Costs to maintain or use your personal vehicle are not included. In order to qualify as an eligible mass transit expense, a commuter highway vehicle must seat at least 6 adults and be primarily used for transporting employees between home and work. Vanpools are […]

Once an election is made, can I change it?

Certain situations can arise which allow you to change an election. These situations include: Change in residence or worksite Change in work schedule Change in monthly workplace commuting expenses

How does the Commuter Benefit Card work?

Transit and/or parking funds (e.g. from payroll deductions) are “stored” in the appropriate account on the card. The participant can then use the card to pay for an eligible service at an approved vendor. The funds for a purchase are deducted from the appropriate account, reducing the value stored on the card in that account. […]

What is a Commuter Benefit Card?

A Commuter Benefit Card is a prepaid card that is linked to a Commuter Benefit Plan (CBP). The card allows a participant to access plan funds at the point-of-sale to pay for eligible workplace mass transit and/or parking expenses. This card may be an eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard® or a Beniversal® Prepaid Mastercard depending on what […]